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In a suburb of Kashan is the site of one of the oldest cities of the world: Tepe Sialk dates back at least 8000 years and contains, among other things, the world's oldest ziqqurat, or temple tower.

Later Kashan gained importance as the first large oasis on the road running south along the Zagros mountains, connecting the holy city of Qom and the former Iranian capital, Isfahan. Bagh-e Fin, or Fin Garden, is a hugely popular garden. Originally designed as a retreat for Shah Abbas I, it's considered one of the most beautiful traditional gardens or Iran - a vision of paradise on earth. In addition, Kashan became famous for its carpets and unique lustre ceramics.

In 1778 a disastrous earthquake destroyed the city, killing thousands. In the following two centuries it was rebuilt; today the old town is mostly visited by tourists for several fine examples of traditional rich merchants' houses.